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Question 217 Panel lines ? Question 229 ?
Question 218 P-51 kit for scale project ? Question 230 ?
Question 219 Lite ply or aircraft ply ? Question 231 ?
Question 220 Spinner for a 1/3 scale Bristol ? Question 232 ?
Question 221 Kyosho corsair engine thrust setting ? Question 233 ?
Question 222 Wing ribs, leading and trailing edge ? Question 234 ?
Question 223 SkyShark kits ? Question 235 ?
Question 224 Making checker board cowl markings ? Question 236 ?
Question 225 Ziroli B-25 outer panel droop ? Question 237 ?
Question 226 B-2 4 plans ? Question 238 ?
Question 227 Brian Taylor plans ? Question 239 ?
Question 228 ? Question 240 ?

Question 217: "Hi Joe: My question is: How I can make a panel lines in a airplane Thanks, Federico"

Joe: "Fredrico the easiest way is to get your plane to the ready to paint stage then mark out all your panel lines with 1/32 chart tape then primer your plane and lightly wetsand it until the tape apears. You then peel off the tape and give a light sand just to remove the rough edges then paint your plane and you got panel lines Joe"

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Question 218: "Joe, I would like to replicate Bob Hoover's 'Ole Yeller P-51 (now owned by John Bagely). This would be my first attempt at a large scale airplane. Any thoughts? Jason"

Joe: "Hi Jason sorry but i dont have much info to go on like model type B, D etc or size or your experience so heres my suggestions.
For a smaller more manageable type the average modeller can do I would suggest the top flight giant scale. If you are more experienced and want a larger model don smith has a nice 1/4 scale stang with I believe a 112" ws I would suggest going with one of those two. Joe"

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Question 219: "Joe, I am about to start building a ziroli corsair from a laser lizard short kit. I have read from these pages that you are very experienced building ziroli planes and youself use jesse for your kit cutting. The plans show many parts to be cut from aircraft ply, such as the wing leading edge sections and some of centre section ribs, also a few other parts. However the kit i recieved from Jesse has all these parts cut with Lite Plywood and not birch plywood. Could you please advise whether its ok to build the plane with the parts i have (it would be lighter but will it be strong enough?) or will i have to cut those parts from 1/8" birch ply that are shown on the plan. Paul"

Joe: "Paul I have never had a prob using the lite ply. Most designers over design their planes so that they hold up to the abuse of some modellers. Most plans were drawn using the old school way of design heavier and thicker is better but on my large planes like my 1/3 scale buffalo it is all light ply. remember by the time you add the internal structure to the wings and fuse then sheet then glass it will be stronger than it would normally need to be for normal use. I wouldnt worry abt aircraft ply I never use it and have no problems also lite ply is cheaper Joe"

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Question 220: "Hey Joe I'm in the midst of scratch building a 1/3 scale Bristol M1c. So far so good. I even found an aluminum Cowl by Mick Reeves that works great after a little trimming. Here's my bigeest hurdle. The spinner. If you are familiar with the M1 you know how big that spinner is. At 1/3 scale it's 11" in diameter but only 4" deep. Kind of like a mixing bowl. Any thoughts on having this thing fabricated without having to put a second mortgage on my home? thanks Deke from Tampa"

Joe: "Deke What I have done and would do is to get ahold of a lathe and turn yourself a spinner plug. then put some clear polyurethane or finishing laquer on it and wetsand it. Next wax the heck out of it and fiberglass over it giving you a glass spinner then just find a local machinist or someone to make you a back plate you should be able to get that done without mortgaging your house. If youcant get acess to a wood lathe make you a plug from bondo or similar. Joe"

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Question 221: "I have a Kyosho F4U 40 size corsair. From what I can see and understand from the pictures , they show that the engine is mounted to the right and above dead center ? I did receive an E-mail from some one that had built one of these and he said he mounted the engine dead center and with 4 mm down thrust. I'm fairly new to building airplanes , I have built cars, boats and a couple of planes so to see what I see in these instruction really questions my mind as to what I should do. Please help if you can, I cant go any further with this project until I have this resolved. Thank you , Keith."

Joe: "Keith You can mount it Either way. The plans instructions would probably be better scenero though the other is ok too. The plans are showing it offset to help with the thrust on takeoff and landing to make it a little more forgiving for the average pilot so either way you want to do it will be fine.

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Question 222: "Sir, Easy question, I'm new to scratch building and have come across a problem. I've got a sheet of plans that shows 1 cross section on the main rib. Now I've going to use a photo copier and scale down the rest of the ribs as this is a tapered wing. My question is Leading Edge and Trailing edge. Both seem to be about the same thickness along the full length of the wing-top and bottom- and the ribs are obviously going to be getting smaller towards the wing tip. Should I sand off the top and bottom of Leading and Trailing edge to match contour of ribs as the grow smaller, or is there a trick to this as
well. Thanks, James"

Joe: "Hi James you have to sand the leading and trailing edges to match the contour of the rib. I use a long T-Bar and sand front to back across several ribs so that the taper matches all along the wing. by this i mean the taper will be different at the tip if different ribs are used but by using the t-bar it will be a smooth transition from root to tip. I hope this helps"

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Question 223: "Joe, Thanks for your part in such a great resource! I'm interested in getting my first warbird soon. I have seen your previous reccomendations, but I wondered what you thought about the Skyshark kits: I am interested in the D-9. It seems like a good compromise for me between the size plane I want, and the size wallet I have. Thanks again for your time Joe! Regards,"

Joe: "Carl Skyshark puts out an excellent kit. they are lightweight and scale with a lot of scale features like the cockpit built right into the construction. the only thing i didnt care about but can see their point is the hardware. you need to furnish your own hardware kit as they say that most people throw it away and use their own stuff anyways. I would rate them as an 8 out of 10 and well worth."

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Question 224: "Professor I am trying to help a friend out who is building a giant scale P-47. He wants to do the checkerboard pattern on the cowl, (Diamond pattern) but we don't know how to lay it out so it comes out correctly. Any ideas? Thanks Bill "

Joe: "Bill I havent done a checker pattern but here is how I would probably do it.

First I would get some liquid masking film I think tower sells it not sure though. Then I would spray several coats on the cowl and let it dry good. Next I would try to drawy out the pattern needed on some freezer paper or something similar. I would then cut out one set of squares. Then place the template on the cowl and draw the cut out square pattern onto the masking film. After that is finished take a BRAND NEW SUPER SHARP exacto or scalpel and cut out the squares in the masking film. Paint that color let it dry real good then spray a few coats of masking film over the cowl again. Then cut out the other squares and repeat the process.

There are other ways like using chart tape to grid out the cowl or using a flexible steel ruler and drawing them on the cowl etc but the first way is probably how I would do it. Joe "

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Question 225: "HI Joe, My son and I are building a 118" Ziroli B-25. The question is how much "droop" is there in the outer panels?? We have scoured everywhere. There is some varring opinions. The plans are not real clear. It appears that 4 deg at the last rib as measured horizontal across the top of the center section. This as worked out with Solidworks is 2.38 inches. Quite a bit. We both have seen several full size planes and even they seem different. What is about right?. Got any Idea what the purpose of this was/is?? bentwings"

Joe: "Hi BentWings it has been so long that I cant remember. from what I do remember is that nick has a wing dihedral brace that has all that automatically set in then it is just a matter of making sure both sides are equal. I'm sorry cant be of more assistance.

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Question 226: " I am looking for plans for a B24,but I'm having trouble. can you help find some inexpensive plans?"

Joe: "Sorry I dont know of many B-24 plans. The ones I do Know of is Dan Palmers and they are $69 for the 1/12th scale and $75 for the 1/8th scale ane I dont reccomend them at all except for a last resort. They are scale but his plans are very hard to follow

You might contact Bob Holman and see if he has anything as he has a lot of plans and there are many he doesnt show on his website


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Question 227: "Hi Joe, I live in the UK and I am looking to build a scale Spitfire. I've been trying to find contact info for Brian Taylor, to buy one of his plans. Do you know how I can get in touch with him? All I can find on the net is Bob Holman's site. It seems a bit silly to import stuff from the States when Brian lives in the UK! At least I think he does! He seems very illusive so any help would be appreciated. Thanks,
Ian. "

Joe: "Hi Ian I have searched all over with out sucess. I can only come up with Bob Holman though a couple people have told me they have seen some Brian Taylor stuff from Traplet Plans Service which I think is in the UK "

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