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Q73 Canadian Hurricane markings ? Q85 P-38 colors and Doolittle Raiders ?
Q74 Billy Pat Latimer ? Q86 P-51 "Stump Jumper" ?
Q75 C-47 colors ? Q87 B-24 Liberty engines ?
Q76 RLM color chips ? Q88 Star placement on P-47's ?
Q77 Looking for pictures of father, P-51 pilot ? Q89 Crashed P-40 information ?
Q78 109 G, flush or raised rivits ? Q90 P-51 "Danny Boy 2nd" ?
Q79 Arkansas Traveler P-47 ? Q91 B-17 paint scheme for motorcycle ?
Q80 A thank you to Monroe . Q92 Corsair Stars and Bars ?
Q81 Col. Duncan's P-47 ? Q93 P-61 nose art location ?
Q82 More info on dad's plane ? Q94 Two antenna on Corsair ?
Q83 P-51 called "Crazy Horse" ? Q95 Thanks Monroe
Q84 Authentic paint schemes for P-38j ? Q96 Wrong paint scheme on my Wildcat ?

Question 73: "I am looking for markings and coloration for a Canadian Hurricane from WWII. Can you direct me to photos? Chuck"

Monroe: "Chuck, check these links and see if the pictures and information will help you:



Good luck, and Thanks..>>Monroe"

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Question 74: "Col Williams I came upon this by accident..you were my hero before I ever saw this..it is an honor to know you. Billy Pat Latimer."

Monroe: "Thanks Billy for your kind remarks......no hero stuff here....just a country boy got drafted to do a job. If you fellows had been around at the time, you would have done the same thing....or maybe better. I just looked over your website. It appears you also had a very interesting career. Guess we both are lucky to be here..>>Monroe"

Note: Billy Pat Latimer was with the 3rd combat cargo group, 12th combat cargo squadron in WWII and flew cargo runs on C-47's in Morna India 1944 to 1945. Here is a link to his very interesting web site ful of information and stories about this time and place: http://www.centercomp.com/cgi-bin/dc3/stories?1250

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Question 75: "SIR. I am building A C-47D SKYTRAIN (gooney bird?) and I am looking to find original color schemes both civilian and military would you know or have pics, you could email me or give me an idea of what the lines looked like ? Thank you for your time .RESP. Micheal P.S. the model is a ROYAL KIT that now I believe MARUTAKA R/C sells now It has a 83" W.S. "

Monroe: "Hello mike, I think these two links will answer your question. Please note, the military C-47 usually was an OD color with AF markings. The civilian DC-3 usually was the natural silver color with company logo. See links below....lot of info on the links:



Thanks Mike, I hope it helps...>>>Monroe"

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Question 76: "monroe williams where is the best place to get rlm color chips pre 1939"

Monroe: "Thanks for your question. I will be the first to admit there are a lot of things I don't know.....and rlm color chips is one of those things. However, I did become interested in the subject and did a bit of research. I don't know if these links will help you or not. The first link has pictures and indicates the chip number of the paint that was used prior to 1940.....as you will note frequent changes were made in the paint scheme during this time. The other links indicate where the paint may be ordered from. See links below:

Again, thanks for your question....if it is not what you are looking for, I suggest you re-direct the question Advisor Rob Bailey. I'm sure he can give you a better answer.
Thanks again and good luck...>>>Monroe"

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Question 77: "I'm trying to locate pictures of my dad and his plane. He was a P-51 pilot with the 335th or 365th and was shot down over France and evaded the enemy. He passed away in 1992 and I would like to give my son and grandson some history. Maybe someone from that theater would have something I could have copies of. At time he was Lt. James H. Glynn. He retired as Lt. Col. James H. Glynn USAF. Thanks.

Monroe: "Hello Mike, thanks for your question. You may have a very hard time locating a picture of your Dad and his P-51. In fact, I would love to find a "full view" picture of my P-51D, YJ-W of the 351st Squadron of the 353rd Fighter Group.
Your Dad was in the 335th Squadron of the 4th Fighter Group, stationed at Debden, England. Records do not show a specific plane assigned to him. However, records shows he was lost on 18th of June 1944 while flying P-51B, S/N 43-7178, Squadron letters WD-B. See the link below and scroll down to P-51B S/N 43-7187 and you will find the information as to his loss.

The next link is of the 4th Fighter Group where you will find a lot of interesting info. Especially pictures of planes in the 335th Squadron.

The last link pertains to MACRs( missing air crew reports). Your Dad's MACR # is 6253. Open the link and enter your Dad's MACR and you will see it recorded. As you may note, there is a way of ordering a copy of the MACR for a fee. What you would get is anyone's guess......I don't think you would get a picture of the plane.

Thanks again Mike, I hope it helps...>>>Monroe"

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Question 78: "Hi I am building a 1/4 scale FB 109G and wondered if you could tell me if it had flush or raised rivits ? Thanks, Tommy."

Monroe: "Tommy you will find these statements in the link below:

"Wings: Low-wing cantilever monoplane. All-metal single-spar structure, covered with flush-riveted stressed-skin metal covering.
Fuselage: Oval section light-metal monocoque. Made in two halves with longitudinal joints top and bottom. Each half is made up of a number of longitudinal stringers and a series of vertical panels. Every other panel has both its edges flanged to form Z-frames and these frames are holed to let the stringers pass through. The flaged panels have their edges 'joggled' so that the alternate plain panels may be flush riveted to give a completely smooth outer surface. The longitudinals have a single row of rivets to the outer skin only. Each half of the fuselage is butt-jointed top and bottom to a double width longitudinal. "


Thanks Tommy....hope that helps..>>>Monroe"

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Question 79: "Sir:I have this comment form you on the P-51D Arkansas Traveler II,
"I am also very interested in this plane because he used the color scheme and markings of my old 353rd Fighter Group in ww2. In fact, it is the markings of Capt. Lonnie Davis' P-51D, LH-D, S/N 44-14945, Arkansas Traveler II.

Do you have a picture of this aircraft? I have an interest in the name Arkansas Traveler. Paul P. Douglas was a boyhood hero of mine and I am aware of his aircraft (P-47), Dewey Newharts P-47, and Owen Finchers P-38. As well, there is a p-39 with the name and a B-24. I would be interested in any information you might have on aircraft with names connected to Arkansas.
I flew helicopter in the army for 26 years, and had a cobra called "Arkansas Highway Patrol" in Viet Nam as well as an OH-6 called Miss Clawd IV after a young lady form Hot Springs (my home town).
Col. Douglas was from Paragould AR and was a student of my grandmother and an administrator at Arkansas State Univ.
Anything you might have is appreciated. I am most interested inpictures of jpegs.
Respectfully, Hugh, LTC, ret USA"

Monroe: "Thanks Hugh for your question. I don't believe there are any pictures of Capt Lonnie Davis' P-51, Arkansas Traveler. I see you have done a lot of research on the "Arkansas Traveler" and you probably found everything that I did.
I did find Capt. Davis' P-47, Arkansas Traveler....Check this link and scroll down a little ways:

Also found Lt. Thomas Adams' P-51D "Arkansas Traveler" of the 357th Group

Also Col. Paul Douglas' P-47 of the 368th Group:

And, Owen Finchers' P-38, of the 367th Group

Hugh, I want to congratulate you on your successful 26 years of military service. I can very well appreciate you fellows that had to fly the Viet Nam tour....I don't think I would have traded wars with you.
Thanks again..hope it helps..>>>Monroe"

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Question 80: "Hello Lt. Col. Williams, It is a pleasure finding this site with your contact information. I was stationed at Stewart AFB, Newburgh NY during the latter 80's and served under Col. Duncan while at the 4603rd ABG. I was lucky enough to paint a mural on a Base HQ wall in which Col. Duncan and I would chat regularly about the airplane paint job details of his Dove of Peace. It was only in recent years that I really appreciate the contribution of our WW II pilots. I also have been buying many books on the Slybirds. Some are rare and priceless. I was also very lucky to fly in the back seat of a T-33 with Col. Duncan and will count it as one of my greatest memories. I was also a member of a virtual Fighter Squadron that adopted the 353 FG colors (Dove of Peace)in honor of the heroes we'll never forget. Thank you for your contribution to our country.
Herminio "

Monroe: "Thanks Herman for your kind remarks and your interest in the Slybird Group. I thought Stewart AFB deactivated in 1970 and became a commercial airport. I guess it had an Air National Guard unit on it.
Also, I thought Col. Duncan retired before 1980.

I have been flying with the 353rd Virtual Fighter Group for about four and half years. First with Janes ww2 Fighters and now with IL2 Forgotten Battles. I find it brings back a lot of memories and helps keep me mentally alert.

Thanks again Herman and Good luck..>>>Monroe"

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Question 81: "Hi again, I was discharged in January 1969 and shortly after that, Stewart became inactive and I never saw or heard from Col. Glenn Duncan till recently with the sad update. I'm sending you a folder containing but a few of many photos I have gathered over the years. One shot particularly of us in front of the mural I was working on.
I do have questions about the P-51 and a comment regarding Col. Duncan's P-47 when he was shot down:
1. Could you explain the 3 colored lD lights under the right wingtip.
2. On the left side of fuselage, usually under forward canopy there appeared a bold "+" marking. Does this designate the presence of a ferry tank?
3. It was my understanding that Col. Duncan's P-47 (When he was shot down) was a Razor Back, can you confirm?
Once again, I am deeply thankful for your response. I am a retired NYC Police Officer residing near Kissimmee Florida I owe my brief flying career as a NYPD Helo Pilot to the incentive left in me by Col. Duncan and ALL Military Aviators such as yourself! If you're ever in or near Kissimmee, you have an open invitation to lunch or dinner. I would love nothing more that to shake your hand.

Thank You, Herminio "

Monroe: "Thanks Herman, those are neat photos....you must be proud of them....especially the photo standing with him.
I'll try to answer some of your questions:
1. I have had the question of the three colored lights under the right wing before in rcwarbirds.com. Go to questions #53 and 54. As you will see the question was discussed on a forum...I cannot vouch for the answer that was given but it is as good as I can give. At that time, I discussed this with my ex-353rd CO and Operations Officer...they both said that we did not use the lights.
2.The"+" mark on the left side of the fuselage has me "Blank". I should know what it is but I cannot remember and I cannot find the answer on the net. Good question...
3. Yes, Col. Duncan's plane he was shot down in was a "Razor Back". I have had this question also before....go to question # 3. Also go to this link and scroll down, you will find he was flying P-47D S/N 42-25971, Dove of peace vii. It was a P-47D-22-Re. I am attaching a picture of the plane...I think you will find the information interesting.

Update: Herman, I just confirmed what I thought the "+" mark is on the side of the P-51:

"CG mark for the sling straps that go around the outside of the fuselage"
"Was there for the loadmasters/Crane ops so they could move them fast. I was told this by Bill DeStefani of STREGA fame.
"Others had a + at the rear behind the wing fillet was the battery ports for the jump cart, but it was blue"

Huntress....Pilot in 353rd Virtual Ftr Gp Thanks Huntress..>>Monroe

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Question 82: "hi, i've contacted you before and you were very helpfull and i am very thankfull. i do have another question. while researching my dad's (lt. james glynn) service with the 335th fs i found that he flew in several p-51s during june of 1944.
he flew in wd-a,b,g,and j. i found pictures of wd-a and noticed a couple different serial #s on planes with wd-a on the side.one s/n 472308 and the other had s/n 413883. how does that work? the whole idea of my search is to get pictures of the actual planes he flew in and this appears to be another roadblock. thanks again for any help..mike"

Monroe: "Thanks Mike, I'll try to un-confuse you or confuse you more. WD-A P-51s were the planes of Maj. Pierce Mckennon. As you will find on the following link, Maj. Mckennon had about seven different P-51s.....Some were shot down and others may have been just a change of plane. All of his planes had the letters WD-A. The "WD" is the Squadron letters, the "A" is the pilot's selection. He can use it on all his planes, but each plane will have it's individual Tail number. See link:

As I stated before, I do not find a plane assigned to your Dad, but I do know he was shot down in P-51B, WB-B, S/N 43-7178....cannot find a picture of it. The two "WD-A" planes, S/N 44-72308 and S/N 44-13883, you mentioned your dad flew were assigned to Maj. Mckennon. Check these links and you will find pictures of these planes:

I'm sure your dad had a plane assigned, but there is just no current recording of it. In fact, I'm not sure what my YJ-? letter was on my P-47D. I do have a record of my P-51D, "YJ-W" plane. Also, it is not unusual that pilots fly other pilot's planes.....usually they are pilots assigned to the same flight in the Squadron.
Thanks again Mike, hope this helps..>>Monroe"

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Question 83: "Hi, My name is Doug and I am hoping you or someone can help me out with this one. I am building a 1/5th scale P-51D and I want to model it after a 352nd FG mustang called "Crazy Horse". But I am alittle confused. Is Crazy Horse a fictitious name, or was it an actual plane during WWII? I have spent countless hours on the internet searching and have several books on the 352nd and mustangs in general and cannot find such a plane. If one did exist, I am looking for the "correct" code letters and rudder numbers of that plane and any other info. or pictures one might have on it. I have seen other models done with that name on them but don't know if they are accurate if at all.I have a picture of the Stallion 51s mustang down in Florida, but that also doesn't have correct code letters on it. Thankyou for your help, Doug "

Monroe: "Thanks Doug for your question...sorry for the delay in getting back to you. To answer your question: "Is Crazy Horse a fictitious name"? Yes, it is a fictitious name that was given to the P-51D that is at Kissimmee, Fla about 17 years ago. Before that it was named "Rascal III". So, the 352nd Group did not have a plane Named Crazy Horse. I was not absolutely sure of this, so I called Stallion 51 office in Kissimmee and talked to Erik. He confirmed that their P-51 was not named after a specific plane in the 352nd.
So, I guess that explains why you could not find a P-51D "Crazy Horse" on the net with 352nd Code letters.
Thanks again..hope it helps..>>Monroe"

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Question 84: "Mr Williams, I am trying to select an authentic paint scheme for a YA P38j. Can you recommend a good book or web site providing a good sample of different paint schemes and multiple views (top, bottom, side) of the P38j. Thank you. EHM"

Monroe: "Eric, I don't know if I have any sites that will help or not, but go through these sites and see if they will help. Sorry I couldn't do better.. Thanks...>>>Monroe






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Question 85: "Dear Col. Monroe; I am painting a model of a WWII P-38. Is there a Color photo you know of or someone who might have one etc.? Also do you know how many of the "Dolittle Raiders" are still alive? Thanks, John H."

Monroe: "Thanks John....I had about the same question in Question #84. I will re-paste my answer here...it is very difficult to find a color photo of a real P-38j, but I hope you can find something in the links that will help:







As for your question about the Doolittle Raiders, see the link below....you will note, as of Jan 17, 2004, there were 17 of the Raiders still living...Thanks..>>>Monroe"

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Question 86: "Monroe I am looking for info on a 357th F.G. P-51 named STUMP JUMPER . I have gone to BUD ANDERSONS WEB SITE , but hve been unable to find out much about it and its pilot . I would appreciate any info you might have . Thanks Tom "

Monroe: "Tom, I am very sorry for the delay in answering your question. First, I have been tied up during the Holiday Season. Second, I just cannot confirm a positive answer to your question. As you will note, I sent an E-mail to my friend Peter Randall asking for help. I still haven't heard anything from him....he probably has been tied up also. I am forwarding a copy of my E-mail that I sent Peter. I believe it will show the things that I have found so far and the questions that remain.
Please note the links to his E-mail.....it appears this is the same P-51D that was assigned to the 357th Ftr Gp as listed on Peter's website, "Little Friends,"with a S/N 44-63 810, and Name "Stump Jumper". Unfortunately, there is no Pilot listed. Apparently, it was returned to the US after the war( which is unusual) and assigned to an Air Guard unit and later put on static display for a period of time. The rest of the interesting history can be found in the links.
Tom, I'm sorry I can't give you a better answer....Thanks for your question..>>>Monroe"

"Hello Peter, got a question. See the question below:

Monroe I am looking for info on a 357th F.G. P-51 named STUMP JUMPER . I have gone to BUD ANDERSONS WEB SITE , but hve been unable to find out much about it and its pilot . I would appreciate any info you might have . Thanks Tom , tduncanrc@netzero.com

See the links below. Was P-51D, B6-C, S/N 44-63810, in the 357th Ftr Gp with a name of "StumpJumper," as indicated on your website. Was there a pilot assigned? Is it the same plane that is now known as " Angles Playmate" owned by Joe Newsome? I note that it carried the same S/N 44-63180 when it was owned by Maj. Robin Collard. It would appear that it was returned to the US after the war. Do you have any info on this?





Thanks Peter, You are always a great help..>>>Monroe"

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Question 87: "The original manufactorers of the b-24 liberty engines?"

Monroe: "Marke, I'm not sure what you mean by" b-24 liberty engines?"
If you mean B-24, Liberator, Aircraft engines, they were all Pratt and Whitney, R-1830, Radial Engines. See the link below:

However, if you mean, who designed and made the first "Liberty" engine during ww1, see this statement in the link below:

"By far, the most important of all Allied engines, and America's most significant contribution to the war effort, was the Liberty. In May of 1917, Jesse G. Vincent of the Packard Motor Car Company, and E.J. Hall, of the Hall-Scott Motor Car Company, took over a hotel room in Washington, D.C., for nearly a week and designed the eight- and twelve-cylinder Liberty engines with mass-production in mind. On June 4, 1917, the Aircraft Production Board authorized final design, and manufacture. Assembly of the first eight-cylinder version was completed in the remarkably short span of less than six weeks."

Thanks Marke, I hope that answered your question..>>Monroe"

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Question 88: "I am building a p-47 C for R/C flight Is there anything that states as a rule where the star was to go? I have seen many pictures and I am certain there is always one star on the left top wing... However, there seems to be many pics with a star on the bottom left, right, or both sides of the bottom of the wing. I am also looking at the 56th fighter group squad 63, thanks Rick"

Monroe: "Thanks Rick for your question.....it is a good one. As you will note from the link below, the usaaf aircraft markings changed many times over the years:

The official one we used on our P-47s in 1944 was this:

As you have already noted, many were mis-marked. But I think it is safe to say the above links are correct. See links below of pictures of some of our planes:

Thanks again Rick, I hope it helps..>>>Monroe"

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Question 89: "Hi I am looking for pictures of the P-40 that crashed 10/24/41 at Bass Lake in California. It was piloted by Lt. W.H. Birrell and the number is 39-200. I had seen the crash site in 1977 when I was 11 and have always wondered about a piece of metal that I carried for years as a "good luck charm". It had the work "Gage" on it and an arrow turning to the right. It wasn't exactly round and had a hole in it as if for a knob of some type. I haven't been able to find any pictures of the panel that has this in it. Is there any info that you can give me to help me solve this mystery? Thanks, Robert"

Monroe: "Thanks Robert for your question. It is a good one but a "Needle in the haystack". I have been unable to identify the panel you spoke of. I cannot remember a GAUGE on the P-40 with a knob that required "clockwise" turning for setting. Of course, it's been 61 years since I flew a P-40. If I could see the size and shape of the piece, I might do better. I have listed a couple links showing most all of the instruments and gauges of the P-40, but I don't believe any of them meet the description above.

I did find some things about Lt. Birrell's accident that day. See the link below for some interesting reading.

Scroll down the links below and you will find that Lt. Birrell's accident has been recorded and an accident report has been made. You will not find the report on the net, but for a small fee you may order the report. It's anyone's guess as to what you will get, but it might be of interest to you. It appears the fee is about $25.00. The last link is a form for ordering the report.

Thanks again Robert, it was an interesting search. Sorry I couldn't help you more on your Gauge...>>>Monroe"

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Question 90: "Hello I am looking for as much info and pictures I can find on P-51 Mustang 44-15516. "Danny Boy 2nd". wich crashed on take off 29, Dec. 1944. the only Pic. of this Mustang i have is the one where it crashed. Do you know of anyothers? Thanks Dan (Danny Boy)"

Monroe: "Thanks Dan for your question...it is a good one. I think you have found the only picture of this P-51. I assume it is this picture:

You may also have this link below....it gives information about the assignment of the plane. As you will note, it was assigned to Capt. Melvin W. Hightshoe. However, it was crashed on take off by Capt. John Winder on 29 Dec. 1944. It is interesting to note that Capt. Winder also had a landing accident in P-51D, 44-11160 on 12 Oct., 1944.
Capt. Hightshoe was from West Memphis, Ark and Capt. Winder was from Salem, NC.
I found in some writings that Capt. Hightshoe's first name is listed as Melville and in others as Melvin. I only knew him as Mel. I did not know Capt. Winder. See the link below:
Dan, sorry I couldn't help you with other pictures.....guess there are no other. I am curious as to your interest in this plane...Thanks again..>>>Monroe"

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Question 91: "Dear Sir, My wife is paying tribute to the B-17 airmen by painting her motorcycle to represent a B-17. We are currently trying to figure out what colors were used on the B-17s and what exactly the names of those colors are. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time, Mike"

Monroe: "Mike, thanks for your question. Very unusual project you have.....but interesting. Because of the plain nature of the B-17 paint scheme, it may take a lot of imagination to make her motorcycle represent the B-17 through paint scheme only. Please see this statement in the following link:
"When U.S. Army Air Corps bomber units began arriving in England in 1942 they were painted an overall matte khaki green to provide some camouflage protection, while the aircraft were parked on the airfield. By January 1944, the threat of German Air Force attacks against airfields in England was largely viewed to have passed and the planes were delivered from the factory in a bare aluminum finish."

I am sure you have other things in mind other than the paint color. I would suggest she name her bike after her favorite B-17 and place its "Name"and "Nose Art" on the bike.
I have attached a link showing a number of aircraft names and nose arts for you to look at. My favorite one( Heavenly Body) is not on there. My brother was "crewchief" of that B-17 in ww2.

I have attached one other link that may be of interest.

Thanks again, Mike. I hope this will help.......send me a picture when you are finished..>>Monroe "

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Question 92: "Colonel Williams: can you shed light on why some F4U Corsairs had blue and white stars on the wings and fuselage, and others had the blue and white stars with red stripes in the bars? Many thanks, Pete (a Corsair lover)."

Monroe: "Thanks Pete for your question. Please note, I covered this for the USAF aircraft markings in Question # 88. About the same thing holds true for the Navy. See the link below for the changes in the Navy markings over time. I think you will see when the red stripe appeared.
Thanks again, Pete....hope it helps..>>>Monroe"

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Question 93: "Good morning I am currently building a 1/7th scale P-61B Black widow and am having problems with scale documentation ( who doesn't ) I would like to portray the P-61B "times a wastin" #403 attached to the 418 NFS Pacific theatre.
The pilot was Maj Carroll C Smith. I have searched high and low for a photograph of this aircraft to no avail, I do however have an artists color three view from a reputable publication ( I feel that this may not stand up to scrutiny if entered into a scale comp ). The Revell/Monogram 1/48 scale plastic kit also has this particular aircraft on the box lid and in the decal sheet. I have also seen an oil painting of the "times a wastin" all seem to concur and I can only assume that all three must have been drawn, painted etc from some form of reference. The Plastic kitset has only one nose art decal and kill markings ( port side ) and the artists color three view has only the port side do I assume that this is correct and that the starboard side is blank? There was a point where I thought of doing another color scheme but as with most aircraft of this period you are lucky to find one photo let alone several to confirm port/starboard nose art etc. The ironic thing is that Maj Smith was the highest ranking American nocturnal ace with 7 kills and
that the caption beside the color three view says " one of the best known P-61's..." Any help confirming the absence of marking on the starboard side or possiable sources of information/photos would be most enthusiastically welcome. Thanks and Best Regards Steve"

Monroe: "Thanks Steve for your question...it is a good one. I am also unable to find a picture of Maj. Smith's "Times A Wastin". However, I can assure you that the proper place to place the Nose Art and Kill markings is on the Left Side when viewed from the cockpit( I'm not a Navy man, but guess that is the "Port" side) That is the side the pilot usually enters the cockpit from. The Right side is usually blank, however, sometimes a pilot will place an additional Nose Art on that side.
You may already have the links below, but I will leave them for your review. I think you are safe in using them to go by.
Thanks again Steve. Sorry I couldn't help more..>>>Monroe"

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Question 94: "Colonel: Can you advise on the reason and/or purpose of the two antennas on the F4U Corsair....one rear of the cockpit canopy, and one ahead of the canopy near the engine cowl?? Thanks, Pete R."

Monroe: "Pete, thanks for your question.....its a good one. I wish I had a good answer, but I don't. I must admit I know very little about Navy planes. And, I can find nothing on the net about the two Antenna masts on Corsairs, yet I do find pictures of some planes with two.
I E-mailed Art Jaffe, a ww2 Corsair mechanic, with your question. Here is his reply: "Hi Monroe, I wasn't a pilot I was a mechanic. To answer your question I can't recall an antenna in front of the canopy on the engine cowling. In fact I'm looking at a photo of the plane I worked on and I don't see any antenna. Sorry I can't help you. See attachment.
Art Jaffe"
So, if it will help any, I suggest you not place antenna masts on your model or, at least, not on the front.
Sorry Pete I couldn't help more, but thanks again for your question..>>>Monroe"

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Question 95: "Dear Col. Monroe: I just wanted to say how much you and all of the young guys and gals that served to defend our great country means to me. I am a RC modeler that build WWII aircraft. The P-47 is my all-time number one plane. While building these planes I learn about all the sacrifices that were made during WWII and most of all the one that didn't come back. You guys are true hero's and as I look back in time I can't help but feel so grateful and honored for all that you guys did for us. I am 42 so I don't really know first hand what you guys went through but I just want to tell you that all you did for us will forever live in my heart. I wish more Americans would see and understand all the great feats that the military does for us , even now. Again thank you so much for giving me the freedom I so cherish.
Ronald ,Billings, Mt"

Monroe: "Ron, thank you for the kind remarks. No hero stuff here...just a country boy that was drafted in a time of need. If you fellows had been around at the time, I'm sure you would have done the same thing....maybe even better.
I note that you fellows are very good at this RC flying. It is easier when you are in the cockpit....just more fatal at times on mis-haps.
I recently wrote up a short biography for the P-47 Thunderbolt Assn. website. Of course, there are volumes of details that could be filled in between lines that some day I may do. I'm afraid some of it may be X-rated if I tell the whole story.
See this page for the short version.
Thanks again, Ron and good luck to you..>>Monroe"

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Question 96: "I painted my Wildcat based on a color scheme from a book I have and as it turns out it may not be a real paint scheme. So now I come to you as my last bit of proof and research. Attached is a pic of the Scheme i used and can you tell me if this is truelly a bad publication on the part of the author.The 1st pic is of the paint scheme, the 2nd maybe the color it was supposed to be and the 3rd is the beast in person "

Monroe: "Hello Tony, your question was referred to me. Please see the link at the bottom. You will find four paint schemes...the third one down has this notation:
"In the North Atlantic, this dark gull grey over white scheme was adopted for use by escort carrier squadrons."
This is a picture of that paint scheme and is the one you thought was correct. I agree with you this is the scheme the author tried to depict in your book.
Please note this statement on the bottom paint scheme...you may want to also consider this scheme:
"On March 22, 1944, the Navy directed that all Pacific carrier fighters be painted in this overall glossy sea blue scheme."
This is a picture of that paint scheme"


Thanks Tony...I hope this helps..>>>Monroe"

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