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Q97 French Corsair markings ? Q109 Col Glen E. Duncan info ?
Q98 56th FG information ? Q110 Looking for info on Godfather during war ?
Q99 Cub wartime paint scheme ? Q111 P-51D "Marie" information ?
Q100 "Happy Jacks Go Buggy" cockpit pictures ? Q112 Pappy Boyington P-40 flying tiger information ?
Q101 Mobil communications truck ? Q113 P-40 blinking nav lights ?
Q102 49th TFW P-47 ? Q114 Correct blue and yellow for Stearman ?
Q103 P-40 two place trainer ? Q115 486th squadron information ?
Q104 Christmas Islands P-40's ? Q116 Vickers Wellesley information ?
Q105 Did the P-47 carry rockets ? Q117 Unkle's P-47 ?
Q106 P-51 Big Beautiful Doll modifications ? Q118 P-47 "Little Demon" markings ?
Q107 Brother at Eagle Pass Texas ? Q119 Hellcat "Minsi III" info "
Q108 Flight helmet history ? Q120 Ryan SCW military operations ?

Question 97: "hi i am building a corsair and i was wondering if you had any links to detailed pictures of the french markings on the later models of the corsair"

Monroe: "Thanks Dave for your question. I have found a few models that have French markings. Please see the links below.....hope they will help. Thanks...>>>Monroe"


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Question 98: "HI again MONROE I have just about FINISHED my new paint job on my p-47 HAIRLESS JOE, BUT I AM CONSTANTLY LOOKING FOR MORE INFO ON THE 56TH F.G. I have found sites for several fighter groups , but nothing just for the 56th . Can you send me in th e direction i need to go for that info . Thanks for allthe help in the past . Tommy"

Monroe: "Hello Tommy...good to see you again. There is a lot of information on the web about the 56th Group. See if the following links will help you:

This last link is the site of the 56th Virtual Ftr Gp....note they have me listed as an Honorary CO of the group. These fellows did fly with me in the 353rd Virtual Ftr Gp before they formed the 56th Virtual Gp.
Thanks Tommy and good luck...Monroe"

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Question 99: "Hi Monroe, In the near future I want to built a Piper Cub J3 to compete in scale meetings overhere in the Netherlands. On the web I found some pictures of the Cub with a particular scheme, not the usual yellow. Because I like the scheme I have searched for more informnation but I can't find any. As far as I know this plane was used by an airship (or blimp) squadron based on moffet field. I really would like to have more information to built a scale like Cub and to complete my scaledocumentation. Hopefully, you can help me with that.
I attached a picture of the plane concerned. Regards, Jaap"

Monroe: "Thanks Jaap for your question. I note that the pictures in your question are of two different planes. One has tail number 26419 and the other 26359. The one with tail number 26359 has the standard navy camouflage scheme as described with Navy blue/grey on top and some side and light grey else where.
The links below shows a scale model built by Randy Lutz of that plane with the same tail number. Randy states the correct paint scheme was provided by Dr. Charles Metz( whoever that is). That is probably the scheme you are looking for. Maybe the links will help...Thanks..>>Monroe"


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Question 100: "Hi Monroe: I have been searching quite awhile for a close-up of the nose to cockpit section of the P38, "Happy Jacks Go Buggy". Do you know anyone willing to either point me to a source or email me a photo of a finished model illustrating the smallest markings in detail? I've seen the Thomas Tullis art but it is too small to show the smaller markings. Thanks, Matt "

Monroe: "Hello Matt......your question was directed to me. I don't know if you have found these links already or if they will help you.
For your information, Jack Ilfrey's P-38 number was 43-28431 and his ID letters were MC-0. Check the links below to see if there is any help:

Thanks Matt for your question.....I hope it will help..>>>Monroe"

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Question 101: "Hello Col. Williams: Thank you so much from the return e-mail regarding the Caravan Truck "mobile communication truck". Interestingly, in an e-mail exchange I had a little more than a year ago with Wayne Blickenstaff, he to mentioned that he knew little about the vehicle but did believe the checkered pattern was black and yellow. You've confirmed those colors for me. Thanks again."

Monroe: "Robert thanks for your question......it's a good one. I am sorry, I never knew the details of the mobile communications truck. I E-mailed my Squadron CO, Fred LeFebre; my operations officer, Vic Byers; and one of the Flight Commanders, Mac McLaughlin. None of them could answer your question. Fred said he thought it was a converted Ambulance. And, I am almost sure the bubble is from the nose of a B-17. The checker colors are black and yellow checks similar to our aircraft cowling....see the link below of one of our planes.
Sorry I couldn't help you more. Thanks..>>Monroe"

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Question 102: "Dear Sir: I am working on a P-47 model that I wish to present to the 49th TFW at Holloman at Holloman AFB. I have heard that the P-47 was the first aircraft assigned to the 49th, later replaced by the P-38 (Richard Bong era) and then re-assigned to the 49th in place of the P-38 which the pilots did not like. I can find no information to substanciate this information, nor can I find any information concerning the 7th and 8th squadrons assigned to the 49th along with the 9th squadron. I have found some information concerning the 9th squadron, but that is all. Major Bong was supposedly in the 8th squadron but again, I can find no information on this. Can you help me?"

Monroe: "Thanks BigBob for your question. There is a lot of interesting information about the 49th Fighter Group. I don't know if I will answer your specific questions with the following links but I will leave them for you to search through. There is a lot of material to search through.
As you will note, Maj. Richard Bong was in the 9th Fighter Squadron. Also, you will note that the P-35 and the P-40 were their first aircraft. It appears the 9th Squadron was the only one that used P-47 for a short period of time. You will also note why they did not like them. I hope the links below will help you. Thanks..>>Monroe"

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Question 103: "Dear Lt. Col. Monroe, I have been futilely trying to find out any information I can about the Curtiss P-40 two place trainer. So far I have turned up blank except for a couple of pictures. Was the P-40 you trained in before transitioning into the Jugs a two place trainer?
If so, would you please send me any info you might have, or where I might get some info about the differences in specs between the standard and two place trainer. The Smithsonian doesn't have any helpful info, nor does rareaviation.com except for the pictures I downloaded from there.
I want to build an electric standoff scale of that particular airplane. The P-40 two place trainer I want to copy was known as the "Short Snorter" with a picture of a dachshund on the nose and vertical Number 35487. If you can help me it would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Ray "

Monroe: "Thanks Ray for your question. We did not have two place P-40 trainers when I transitioned into the P-40 from AT-6s. In fact, I did not know Curtiss made any two seat P-40s, but according to the link below they did make a few of them. Also, I could not find a picture of your two seat P-40 named "Short Snorter".
You may already have the links below, but I will leave them for your review.
Thanks again Ray, sorry I couldn't help more...>>>Monroe"




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Question 104: "Sir: My Uncle (and Godfather) flew pursuit planes in the Pacific during WW2. I believe he flew P-40's, and family history said he was in the Christmas Islands, when reported MIA. His name was Milton Sayre Holcombe, from Charleston, South Carolina. Any facts to support a P-40, Christmas Islands, etc, etc.?? No one in family has other details. Thanks for your help. Pete "

Monroe: "Thanks Pete for your question. We just don't have enough information to do a good research. Information such as Date of MIA, Squadron or Group assigned, Type of A/C flown,etc, would help a lot. From what information I have, assuming he was flying from Christmas Island, I would guess he was in the 12th Squadron from Feb to Oct 1942. See the link below and note the 12th Squadron was flying from Cassidy Field, Christmas Island 10 Feb 42 to 22 Oct 42. They were flying P-40s 1941-42 then changed to P-39s. If we could confirm the type of Aircraft and Date of "Missing in action", we might be able to find the MACR( missing aircrew report) Thanks again, sorry I couldn't do better..>>> Monroe"

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Question 105: "Lt. Col....Thanks for taking my question...I am building a Ziroli P-47 and would like to find out some info on which if any P-47's carried rockets....Not sure where to go to look for this....I like building planes that are not what you would normally see....and rockets are definitely a nice looking addition to a plane and something you don't see very often......Bill"

Monroe: "Thanks Bill for your question. We in the 353rd never had much success with rockets. We tried the Tube Type rockets on a couple of our P-47s but they were not accurate or effective. It appears that other groups of the 9th Airforce had some better success with the HVAR type rockets. Below is a couple of links of forum discussion of the subject with some pictures of the P-47s equipped with the rockets. I'm sure all of these were field modified and could apply to any model P-47. I don't know if it will help but it should give you some over all view of the subject. Thanks..>>Monroe"



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Question 106: "Thanks for helping folks keep documentation accurate. My dad was a groundpounder in the 361st FG, John Landers ended up there as commander around July/August of 45,wonder if anyone has ever determined if his Big Beautiful Doll was modified to a yellow nose during this time. I would love to build a yellow-nose B.B.Doll just because so many people would believe it was wrong. Also so many folks recognize 361st yellownoses due to color photos taken on a Air Corps publicity flight (Lou IV and flight of 4). Have tried folks in the group, but most were gone before Landers arrived, my dad was there even after group left for US, but he passed on back in 1971. Thanks. Duff"

Monroe: "Thanks Duff, you have a good question. I don't know if we can absolutely confirm an answer. We do know that he moved from the 78th Group to CO of the 361st Group on July 1st, 1945.....after the war was over. He remained with the group till Oct 45.....about 3 months. He did move his P-51D, S/N 44-72218, "Big Beautiful Doll" with him from the 78th Group. He did change the Squadron letters from WZ-I to E2-I. So, I think we could assume he changed the paint scheme to the 361st colors. But, I cannot find a picture or information to confirm that.
Sorry I couldn't help you more...>>>Monroe"

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Question 107: "My brother, Lt Melville V. Keeton, was an instructor in the AT-6's at Eagle Pass, Texas at the same time that you trained there. Would you happened to have known him? He survived a mid-air collision while there and joined the caterpillar club. Reuben "

Monroe: "Thanks Reuben, interesting question. But, I am sorry I cannot remember your brother. As you would guess, we lowly cadets did not get to know many instructors unless they were our immediate instructor. Thanks again..>>Monroe"

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Question 108: "Hi Monroe, my questions aren’t really associated with the the RC website, but they are pretty interesting. I’m an Architect living in Brisbane, Australia, and I came across your website whilst doing research on some old WWII era flying gear I have. I am also a collector of sorts of this fantastic old stuff and find researching it fascinating. Saw the chance to talk to a living legend so am jumping at it! A while back I became the custodian of a later model A11 Fight helmet with the name of the owner inside. He was with 10th Troop Carrier Sqn, APO 84, USAFE. His name is Lt Bartow S Burris. So far all my investigations came up with nothing so I gave up. Today I was doing research on what looks a lot like a B6 flight jacket (without the collar strap) I have which I was told came from a guy based at Raydon Airfield- but this could be a load of rubbish. The jacket’s only distinguishing feature is a small circular gold screw backed badge (size of a dime) fixed to the left collar, and the insignia is of a shield with a wheel with wings sprouting to the right from its axel. From what I have found today this appears to be the DI of 10th TCS? I see you have spent time at both Raydon and in 10th TCS so you must be the perfect person to direct my enquiries! A couple of questions here for you; would you know if that DI was for 10th TCS, were they ever operating out of Raydon and lastly does the name of the Lt ring any bells with you? If you would like some pictures to help please let me know. Cheers and I really look forward to receiving your reply, Andrew"

Monroe: "Andrew, thank you for your question. It is unusual but interesting. Also, I appreciate getting a question from Australia.....always wanted to go there but never had the chance. I don't think I can help you very much but will try to answer some of your questions.
The name Lt. Burris does not ring a bell. The 10th TCS was one of the Squadrons of the 60th TCGroup. From my knowledge and from my research, the 10th TCS was never located at Raydon. See the following link for a history of their assignments:
The A11 flight helmet appears to be a Fighter Pilot's helmet. We did not use helmets in the troop carrier type aircraft. I do not recognize an insignia of a shield with a wheel with wings sprouting to the right from its axel. I would guess it is not a usaaf insignia....could be wrong. It appears to be more like a British, Canadian or Australian insignia.
Thanks again, Andrew. Sorry I could not be of more help...>>Monroe"

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Question 109: "Col Glen E. Duncan; I read a lot about this ace, anything you can tell me about his time with the Dutch resistance from July 1944-April 1945?
Or any lead where to search for such info?"

Monroe: "Jacobus, thanks for your question. Check on the link below and you will see a 353rd web site by Graham Cross. On the site is his book "Jonah's Feet Are Dry". Pages 307 to 310 give a good account of Col Duncan's activities during the period of evading. Check with Graham, I think the book is still available. It is a large book( about 700 large pages)and it is a little expensive but I think you would like the History of the 353rd Group. If you do not want to order the book, with Graham's permission, I would try scanning the three pages and sending them to you.
Thanks again, and good luck..>>Monroe"

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Question 110: "Colonel: Reference my question #104.......my Godfather, Milton Sayre Holcombe was assigned to the 12th Pursuit Squadron, Cassidy Field, Christmas Islands, Service #0-391596, and was declared Missing in Action June 16, 1942, returning to his base at Christmas Islands, from Oahu, Hawaii (Hickham) aboard a C-53 as a passenger (four crewman, two passengers). The flight report on his transport, a C-53 lists "out of fuel" and all missing at sea. Aircraft was a C-53, ser #41-20069 flown by Lt. Harry Siles.
I still cannot determine if he flew P-40 Warhawks or P-39 Aircobras, which were swapped about that time.
Lt. Holcombe's name is listed on the Honolulu Memorial, which I have seen. Any other info you could provide, would be appreciated."

Monroe: "Hello Pete....good to see you again. Sorry, I didn't think you missed me. I have been out of pocket for awhile recovering from open heart surgery. I don't have much more information than I had in Question #104. I still cannot confirm whether he was flying P-40s or P-39s at the time....I would guess P-40s.
Scroll down the link below and see this line " 420616 C-53 41-20069 Hickam Field, HI 5 Sylar, Harry L USA HI Christmas & Oahu, H

That indicates there is an "Accident Report" filed of the accident when he was killed. For a few bucks you can order the report. See the instructions in the link.
Sorry I can't help more. Good luck..>>>Monroe"

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Question 111: "Dear Sir, I bought the Hanger 9 P-51D trainer kit. The planes name is Marie. I am trying to find any history on this plane avaliable. Also, could you explain what her markings mean ie yellow tail paint, black and white stripes, the Q on the tail, Who names the plane and after what are they named (girlfriends, wives, pin up gals, etc?). Thanks in advance, Kelly."

Monroe: "Thanks Kelly for the question. I will try to answer a couple questions and leave you a couple links that may help.
In the links, you will see that your P-51 "Marie" was in the 2nd Sq of the 52nd Fighter Gp. It was flown by Capt. Freddie OHR. The QP markings are the Squadron ID letters, the "O" on the tail is apparently the Pilots ID letter.....this is normally on the side along with the SQ ID letters. The yellow tail identifies what group the plane is from......sometimes each Squadron may have a different color tail. The black and white stripes are "D" day invasion stripes. They were put on the allied planes the day before "D" day so the ground forces can identify allied planes during the invasion. This plane should not have them because the 52nd Gp of the 15th AF was not on the invasion.......but they were put on because they look good. The pilots name their own plane.....they can use any name they choose that is acceptable....many use wives,girlfriends, cities, states,etc.......mine was named "Willie The Wolf".
The links below may help"

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Question 112: "Lt. Col. Williams, I am building a P40 and would like to do a Flying Tiger version. I read somewhere that "Pappy" Boyington of Black Sheep fame was in China with the AVG. I have done several web searches looking for photos of his P40 with no success. Do you know of a source of documentation for his Warhawk? Thanks, Forest"

Monroe: "Thanks Forest for your question. I don't know if I can help you much. There is not much information about his P-40. I will leave you a few links that may help:
This last link is a book by Thomas A. Tollis that suppose to have pictures of his plane....don't know if you want to go so far as ordering it or not.
Thanks again Forest and good luck..>>Monroe"

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Question 113: "Monroe I need to know if the P40 had blinking Nav. lights or not. I'm building a 1/5 scale RC model for competition. All WWII Vets are my heroes, always have been. Thanks Dave"

Monroe: "Thanks Dave for your question....it is a good one. I believe it was required that all planes have blinking navigation lights. See the link below for information. I think the P-40 was the same as the P-51. As I remember, we had a switch that allowed us to have the lights on steady or blinking. I think we used the steady lights for formation flying at night or in bad weather.
Sorry I can't give you a firm answer about the P-40, but I think you are safe to have blinking lights. Thanks Dave and good luck...Monroe

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Question 114: "Monroe, I am building the BUSA stearman (Army version). Where might I find the correct color for the blue and yellow?
Thank you in advance. Laurence"

Monroe: "Thanks Laurence for your question. See the two links below, I think they are the color scheme you are looking for. Good luck..>>Monroe


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Question 115: "Hello Colonel, Can you help me find an e-mail address for the 486th squadron? Saw an on-line article of their's that mentioned a Czech by the name of Radovan Helt who has set-up n AF museum in the town of Brux/Most, Czech Republic (formerly Bohemia). I would very much like to reach Mr. Helt. Would appreciate any direction you might provide. Sincerely Ron "

Monroe: "Thanks Ron for your question. See the links below....in The May and July News Letter you will see the following E-mail addresses that may help you:
If that don't help, this last link apparently has addresses, including Radovan's, if you can read Czech.

Thanks again Ron...hope this helps...>>Monroe"

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Question 116: "I am building a vickers wellesley and am about ninety percent finished. I cannot complete my
project without detailed photos of the cockpit, squadron insignia. This is radio controlled scale model with a 15 foot wing span and a 5 cyl gas radial, the scale is 20 percent. If you could help me with this problem it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, James "

Monroe: "James, I appreciate your question, but I am unable to find the information you need. There is a lot of information on the net about the wellesley, but no detail info about the cockpit. The links below give some info about the plane but is not what you need. Sorry I can't be of more help...>>Monroe"

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Question 117: "My Uncle (now deceased) flew P-47s (razorback) for the 50th Fighter Group - 10th Fighter Squadron, 9th Air Force in 1944 Lymington, England. D-Day beaches in June, Carentan (A-10) France by D-Day +19. On August 16th, the 10th moved from Carentan (A-10), to Meautis ALG (A-17); September 5th to Paris/Orly airport (A-47) T-5 I believe was the unit marking... Red 18" on cowl, and horizontal red stripe on vertical tail.
I seek information on appropriate paint schemes. Many thanks, Michael"

Monroe: "Thanks Mike for your question. I don't have a lot of help for you, but I am leaving you three links with a lot of info about the 50th Fighter Gp and the 10th Squadron. As you will note, it is difficult to find a color picture that shows the paint scheme. In one of the links you will find a color picture that I am leaving as an attachment. I believe this is a 313th squadron plane and has a black stripe on the tail......most likely the 10th sq has a red stripe. In one of the links you will confirm that the 10th Sq markings is T-5, the 81st sq is 2N, and the 313th sq is W3. In all the black and white pictures you cannot tell the color of the nose but I believe the color picture is correct....the nose is red on all the group planes.
Sorry I can't be more help...see the links below and the attachment..>>Monroe"



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Question 118: "Monroe my boss at Duxford bought a P-47G which for years has been painted as Walt Beckham's ''Little Demon' and l was wondering if you know anyone who has a photo of the port side showing the name and victory markings as we want to get it right. Have not been around for a while (no computer so had to save me pennies) all the best, Danny"

Monroe: "Hello Danny, nice to see you again. I don't know how much I can help you. Walt had two P-47s......his first was "Little Demon" S/N 42-8476.....the second was "Little Demon II" S/N 42-75226. I would guess you are looking for Little Demon II with the checkered nose. I can find no pictures of it. I found a couple links to the other one. The first link shows the right side of the plane while it was in the 353rd Ftr Gp. The second link shows the left side after it was transferred to the 78th Gp. The third link is a painting showing the left side of the plane.....I'm not sure how accurate it is. Thanks again Danny, sorry I couldn't help more..>>Monroe"



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Question 119: "Hello Colonel, I’m in the process of building a Ziroli F6F “Hellcat”. I’m planning on doing it up in the Minsi III color scheme flown by David McCampbell. I’ve found some information in books and some on the internet, but I’m having trouble getting what I believe to be accurate information on the configuration of this aircraft. The Minsi III was an F6F-5 that had some of the F6F-3 parts. What suggestions do you have to get the most accurate detail information possible to model the original Minsi III ? "

Monroe: "Thanks Brian for your question.....I am not sure I know what you mean by this statement "accurate information on the configuration of this aircraf"
I have a feeling I am not giving you the information you are looking for. As you well know, there is a lot of information on the net about Cmdr McCambell and his three planes he flew. From what I see, his Minsi III was a F6F-5N, which was a modification of the F6F-3N. I will leave you some links that I hope may help.
Thanks again Brian and good luck..>>>Monroe"

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Question 120: "Col, I have 2 questions for you. First, I have beed doing some research. I am wondering if the Ryan SCW was ever utilized in a military role. Second, while doing research onthe afore mentioned aircraft, I found an obscure thread suggesting that Wedell-Williams submitted detailed drawing of an XP-34 fighter. It was supose to be based on the Wedell-Williams racer. Do you have any idea where one could get their hands on a copy of these drawings? Thanks for your help! Regards, K. McCartney Lt.Col (USAF retired)"

Monroe: "Thanks Col. for your question. It's unusual to get a question from a fellow officer. I'll try to give you an answer to your two questions. My memory doesn't go back to the Ryan SCW or the XP-34 but I didn't miss it by many years. As you can see from the first two links below, the Ryan SCW was not utilized in the military. See this statement in the first link:
The Ryan SC died young, after barely a year's production, and is all but forgotten today. Only eleven were produced before the priorities of a growing air force led Ryan to shut down the SC assembly line to make room for the PT-16 and PT-20/22. Several other SCs were completed later from components, which brought the total up to 14 of what could have been a truly important airplane.


Scroll down the second link and you will see that non of the SCWs were assigned to the military


As to your second question, there is a question as to wheather a final plan for the XP-34 was ever submitted to the military. This next link states that Margurite Williams, widow of Harry, submitted a plan after his death but it was not accepted. See link:


In this next link, you will find this statement:

When confronted with this reality, the Wedell-Williams company proposed that the engine be switched to the 900hp Pratt & Whitney XR-1830-C radial in the pursuit of better performance. However, this revision failed to interest the USAAC, and the whole program was cancelled before anything could leave the drawing board.


In this next link you will find this statement:

In 1934 Wedell-Williams won the design competition to build a prototype of the next-generation fighter plane for the army. Dubbed the XP-34, it was a direct descendant of the "45," except that it was larger and designed for two machine guns. The project had progressed to the point of final wind tunnel drawings at the time of Jimmie Wedell’s death. The project slowly withered and died after this tragedy, a combination of Harry Williams’s apathy and the reluctance of the army to proceed without the plane’s main designer.

Thanks again Col. and good luck..>>>Monroe"

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