Twinman's Obsession

Twinman with his newest P-38 (dream on George)  
Twinman displays his "trainer" P-38. 108" wingspan, two gyros, dual St 2500's, on board glow, counter rotating engines, air retracts, Zinger 18x6 props, ASP 108 carbs for more power, and Perry pumps. Nice "trainer" George! click on picture to see a larger image

"Everyone has "Their plane" and here is mine. Is a Yellow Aircraft P-38 finished as "Pappys Bir-Dee" Was used in the occupation of Japan in the Pacific. Has 14 servos, nine channel PCM Futaba radio (And it used all nine channels!!), separate gyros for the rudders and ailerons, retracts, pneumatic brakes, proportional brake control valve, three batteries, correct wheels, servo controlled chokes for the engines, Mezjlik 23x14n props (Scale Size), 34# pounds weight, heavily reinforced nacelles near the engines, glassed wings, full length carbon fiber insert in each wing panel for additional strength (Note, this carbon fiber tube ties into the center of the plane in addition to the normal wing tube connections), flaps, full scale decals and a few custom made decals for scale appearance and automotive two part paint.The engines are ZDZ 80 cc with J&A mufflers, to power those scale props. I do not recommend these engines for this plane. It could be dangerous due to gross over power of the air frame!!!! Do as I say, and not as I do!!!
Twinman......I told you twins make you crazy!!!!!!"
click on picture for larger image
This is the Aerotech "Quick Build" kit from England. This plane was the application test of using two gyros for a P-38 to control engine out and it worked. There were several engine out situations during it's rather long life. The plane would yaw, but never snap rolled. The gyros gave the time to react to the problem. Due to it's high wing loading, it would not fly on one engine, but could be guided back to the field safely. One gyro on the rudders and another on the ailerons. Was, and I said was, 78" wing span, carbon fiber strips in the solid nonremovable wing, fixed landing gear, four working flaps, two Super Tigre .60 engines, and Master 12x6 three blade props. I used spring type gear on all three struts to absorb the landing stresses. Weighed approx 12 pounds. Used only two servos to operate the four flaps, using a wire type elevator formed connection for each servo to control the flaps. One micro servo in each boom for the flaps. The plane used 11 Hobbico micro servos with metal gears and six volt system for increased torque. I found the micro servos were plenty strong enough for high performance maneuvers and saved a lot of space. Sure wish I had not lost that engine on the straight down hill leg of a spit S in a mock combat chase..Needed 18" of height.!!

Twinman deviates from his chosen path with his scratch built 84" OV-10 Bronco. This great looking bird features two G. I. Joe "Pilots", custom fixed gear, two MDS 148 engines, Grapner 18x8 three blade props, four working flaps, Futaba radio, and weighs approx 18lbs. George says "OK, so it is a little over powered, but I NEEDED IT!!!" click on picture to see more
In the beginning. My first P-38.Two K&B .45's.Also my first attempt to glass a plane..sure wish someone had told me about thinning the epoxy. To say was over weight, is not exactly an understatement. No flaps or gyros.74" wing span and approx 13# overweight. This is why I went back to learn to fly twins.

The trials and tribulations of Twinman are many but his research carries on despite scenes such as this.
Wing Mfg P-38 and the vertical engine test. Mandatory before every flight.!!!!!! Yes, I really do this every flight.


Yes, I really do get my buddies to assist with the manditory vertical test......even with the big P-38's.

Here is one more of my "Twin Tailed Devils". I call it the "Twin John" and is detailed in the bashing into twins post on the twins forum. It is basically a combined Long John forty size made into a fun fly twin. Has two ST .45"s, 12x4 APC props, only six servos for light weight, and wing span of 72" to keep wing loading light. Is strictly a fun fly that can go straight up. OK, so it is not a warbird, but does fit into the idea of learning to fly twins before investing in that twin or multi-engined fire breathing heavy warbird monster.
This is the last of my current twin tailed devils. This is the result of one of my posts about bashing a single into a twin. The original was a Hanger Nine super stick 60 size. It now sports two cockpits and pilots, two ST 90's, Master Airscrew 14x6 props, rudder enlarged 30%, a single flap mixed to the elevator between the fuselages, a 88" wing span with substantial reinforcement of the wing. The engines are mixed to the rudders for more control in the non Military maneuvers. It is "Slightly" over powered!!Argh argh. It does not use a gyro as the single engine control is very good. These "Bashed Planes" are the trainers for the more expensive multi-engined warbirds.

Twinman's Airforce

More to come from Twinman in the near future. When you are truly obsessed nothing can stop the desire for more and more and more and, well maybe a little more. Thanks George and thanks for your experience and knowledge of twins. Twinman is also our Twins Advisor, go here to ask him a question about multi engine technique.

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