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Q193 Where to find Texas Twins Bobcat? Q202 ?
Q194 What size twin for Super Tiger S2000? Q203 ?
Q195 Spinner for P-61? Q204 ?
Q196 How much experience needed for twins? Q205 ?
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Question 193:I'm trying to locate the Texas Twins "Bobcat" series of planes.  These designs are suppose to be handled by a company in Florida. That's according to the article on "Twins and Multi Engine R/C warbird Technique" by George Lumpkin.I am unable to locate these designs. I'm interested in the 60 size Bobcat.Do you know the name of the company handling these designs or where they can be located?   Any info would be appreciated. Thanks, George Binno

Twinman: Hi George, The Texas Twins company and drawings were sold to the company that produces or produced the “Long John” down in Florida., was the website but does not come up any more. He never put them back into production after he bought it from the guys in Dallas. I had the 96” 60 size and loved it, in fact sold it to one of the guys in my club. Not sure this helps, but that is the story. Twinman

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Question 194: Mr. Twinman, I have two super tigres-2000 engines and would like to make model of the dehavilland question for you what size airplane would you reccomend ie; 90" wing. I was thinking possible the 109" but only guessing, but want advice to get correct size. thank you for your assistance.john.

Twinman: Hi John, The ST 2000’s are a heavy 1.20 cu inch engine, but can really swing large props. I would consider three blade props around 16” for  these and it would look better on the  Mosquito anyway. Due to the power and weight, I would consider at least 109-120” wing. 90” is much too small. My VQ P-61 is around 85” with two ST 90’s will go almost straight up and using three blade props. Remember that those engines require ST fuel which is low in oil and around 10% nitro. ASP 108 carbs will also wake up those engines as the originally have the ST 90 carb with a restrictor in the block. These are a little small. Good Luck, Twinman

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Question 195: Where did you get the 3 bladed spinners with the correct flat profile for the P-61? What size and number of battery packs did you use (1 or 2 packs)?

Twinman: Hi Confession time..Really are not scale spinners..are Harry Higlely hubs that kind of look like the original. This is really not a heavy drain on batteries plane. Yes, I have High Torque on the ailerons, but as far as batteries, the single battery is 1500 Mah and have had no poroblems with three flights in a row. Beyond that I will recharge no matter WHAT I put in it…call me Wuss. Good Luck

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Question 196: "I have a BIG question for you. I am want ing switch over from single engine WW 2 fighters to twin engine fighters and my question is; just how much experince is needed to do this switch is needed to be succesfull at it. I have been looking at the P-38 but have some worries about engine flame outs and bringing her back in in 1 piece. lol Please advise thanks in advance, Frank"

Twinman: " Hi Frank, To Start, try my two cents here at RCWarbirds in the Technique section ..Ok..I am lazy too. Do not….DO NOT start with a P-38!! It, while my favorite bird…still have two of is TERRIBLE for a first twin. VERY heavy wing loading,,,much more than any single warbird I can think of, for very heavy flying conditons, high landing speeds, and basically NO ENGINE OUT flying ability. Yes, there will be the stories of flying one down on a single, but VERY rare and with MUCH practice. The normal scenario is an almost INSTANT snap roll to the ground. Let me ask you ALWAYS fly with the rudder and aileron? No..LEARN>>>NOW!!! Lose an engine on ANY twin and the rudder must be used to hold it straight. Today there are several devices to aid and save twins, first and formost the Twinsync from RC Showcase. It brings the running engine down in the event of the other engine failure. As long as both engines are running, they just fly with a “Heavy” feeling like most warbirds and that you have for experience. I am NOT trying to discourage you, but consider that I think I have made most of the mistakes that can be made with twins and want you to be spared the cost and frustration it can bring. Now, having said all this NOTHING sounds as good as a multi engine warbird with engines in sync. Go for it, but come in slowly and you will be fine. Good Luck…and send pictures of your first birds…..Uh….After the first flight…BAD Mojo to take picture of new plane before first flight!! Twinman"

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