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Randy Boyne shows us his T-34C Mentor TF kit bashed up to put everything in proportion with the C model. Changed the tip, stretched the nose, added longer wing tips, and used cad to build the cowling.modeled from the full scale. (Click on picture to see larger image)
Laurent Schmitz from Belgium and his Fairchild AU-23 'Peacemaker' based on a highly modified balsa kit from Air Loisirs. Mods include flaps, landing gear suspension, 5 nav and stobe lights, retractable landing lights, belly cargo bay (from the days of Air America), and of course some underwing goodies: SUU-11 minigun, CBU-42 cluster bomb and two tanks of good old JP-8 Wingspan is 170cm, weight 2800gr . Motor is a 600 watt brushless outrunner on a 4-cell LiPo 4000mah pack. (Click on picture to see larger image)
Larry Botsford, Elizabeth City NC with his unusual Vought V-173 flying pancake built to 1/6 scale from his own plans. Larry used AXI 4120/18 motors, 3ea 4 cell 2000ma lipo packs, JETI 70 controllers. Weight is right at 15lbs. As of now the model only has 4 flights on it, the landing is a challenge because the speed bleeds off very fast when you flair so you actually have to add power like a helicopter. (Click on picture to see larger image)
Carl Bachhuber's Northrop A17A fighter bomber was made from scratch plans developed by using Modelcad and a scanned in 3-view. The wingspan in this case is 114", or about 1/5 scale. Power is a G-62 turning a 22-10 3bladed prop, scratch built retracts, flaps. Standard balsa and ply construction. Covered with epoxy and .7oz cloth. After sanding and priming a silver polyester mylar tape is applied to give it a polished aluminum look just like the full scale in the Air Force Museum at Dayton. (click on picture to see more of this plane and other bombers Carl has produced)
Doug Imes from Geendale Wisconsin with his magnificent Grumman Widgeon from a F&M Enterprise kit. Robart Landing Gear, 10' wingspan, 53 lbs. Fully amphibeous with retractables gear. Power by a pair of G45's. (click on piture to see more)
Tom Reiner from Los Angeles, CA poses with his scratch built Vought OS2U-2 Kingfisher. A YS 120 powers this 14lb 62" span float plane. Construction features foam wing and tip floats and built up fuse and main floats all glassed and painted with K&B epoxy. Tom says "It flies well, very stable, heavy on the sticks, flaps on landing is a must". (Click on picture for larger image).
Merlyn Graves shows us his OV-10 Bronco. Enlarged Palmer 96" plans by 125%. 120" wing span, Custom retracts by Century Jet Models. Construction is all built up. Merlyn made his own molds for the cockpit windows and engine cowls, vacuum formed the windows and laid up fiberglass cowls. 2 Fuji 32 engines swinging Mejzlik 18-10 three bladed props at 6400 rpm. Scratch built instrument panels Ready to fly weigh. 80 lbs. (click on picture to see larger image)
George Lumpkin (Twinman) with his scratch built 84" OV-10 Bronco. This great looking bird features two G. I. Joe "Pilots", custom fixed gear, two MDS 148 engines, Grapner 18x8 three blade props, four working flaps, Futaba radio, and weighs approx 18lbs. George says "OK, so it is a little over powered, but I NEEDED IT!!!" (click on picture to see more)

Marc Beaudoin from Ste-Adèle Québec displays his ¼ scale yak 3. Kit is from Patrick Deslandes Aero Precikit, epoxy glass fuselage, foam wings, CJM retracts, G62 for power turning 22 X 10 Menz, 95 inches wingspan 36lbs, Futaba radio 2 X 2400mah 6 volts battery packs thru a Power Box from Aircraft International, pilot figure by Diane, Finish latex with PPG clear coat. (Click on picture to see larger image)
Jeff Quesenberry from Apple Valley Minnesota displays his Russian Mig-3 scratch built from Roamin Research plans by Paul Nesbitt. This sleek fighter comes in at 27lb's and has a 101" wingspan. A Sachs 4.2 pushes it to over 111 mph with a 20x14 prop. Flaps and Robart retracts complete this nice package. (Click on picture for larger image).
Terry Olds from Ontario Canada guards his PZL P-24 G Polish fighter. Terry scratch built this unusual model from balsa and ply than covered it with Super Coverite. It came out at only 18lbs with an 84" wingspan so the Quadra 42 in the nose really moves it.
(Click on picture to see more)
Charles Mills from Chakm Ontario scratch built this unusual CA 13 Boomerang from a plastic model. The Boomerang has a 100" wingspan, weighs 33 lbs and runs a ZDZ80 for power. Charles even made a cool custom exhaust for this beauty.
(Click on picture to see more)
Ty Brown's with his Savoia Marchetti SM79. It weighs 41lbs and is powered by a three Saito 170-R radials. It has CJM retracts and uses a 2.4GHz radio system.
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