Davenport Scale Fly-in

The Davenport RC Society's 5th annual scale fly-in held on July 29th was a huge success. I arrived late at 9:30 as the area was already full of planes and people. There were many great warbirds already assembled and ready to test the cool morning air. There were lots of great looking airplanes to see but our goal was to concentrate on the warbirds so lets take a look.

All photos by John Thomas

There are several pictures please be patient while they load

Looking down the flightline you can see the warbirds waiting their turn.

Dean Maupin's P-40 looking great!
Dean prepares for takeoff.

Dean comes in for a picture perfect landing after another great flight.

Dean's P-47, a veteran of the Striking Back wars.   Mike Kass owns this Big Beautiful Doll mustang.

Dean again with his P-38. Dean comes to the field with a P-38 in his SUV and a trailer full of 4 other warbirds!
Scott Booth with his P-38. Dean and Scott flew their P-38's in formation. They also flew their Corsairs in formation!

Dean and Scott taxi out for a beautiful formation flight.

Wendell Maakestad tops the tanks in his beautiful yellow tail B-17.   Wendell taxis out to the flightline and prepares for another bombing run.

It doesn't get any better than this. A sunny day and a great looking B-17 by Wendell doing a low fly-by.

Deb and I set up for landing with our B-17.

We had a great time at the Davenport scale meet and will go back next year for sure. The Davenport club is one of the best clubs I have ever been with. The members of this great club make sure you feel at home and go out of their way time and again to chat with you and help you. I am proud to be a new member of this club and after you fly at their wide open sod farm and meet the wonderful guys and gals of the Davenport RC Society you will be back again and again and maybe never leave.

Thanks to John Thomas, who is a professional photographer, (see any Dremel ad) for the great photos he took of this event. John really captured my B-17 and the beautiful cloud formations that day.

Map to Seven Cities Sod Field.

This year's Scale Fun Fly will be held Sunday June 22 at Seven Cities Sod Farm. Set up starts at 8:00 a.m. and open flying at 10:00 a.m. All planes must be scale replicas of full scale aircraft. Trophies will be awarded in three classes and for Best of Show by popular vote of the contestants. The classes have been slightly reworked this year to allow smaller planes to be competitive. The classes are; Giant Civilian, Giant Warbirds, and All Others. All planes which meet the IMAA definition of giant scale MUST be entered in one of the giant classes. The All Others class is intended for the smaller planes. Entry fee is $5.00. This is an AMA sanctioned event so all contestants must show proof of current AMA membership. Sanction number 03-1075. The attached flyer has more details or you can call or email me if you have questions. (563) 386-8205.

Thanks & hope to see you there!
Phil Vernon - Contest Director

To learn more about the Davenport RC Society please see their web site here


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