Mike Barbee proudly displays his newest project a beautiful Balsa USA Stearman in military colors. This is the first picture taken of Mikes new plane at Dayton on Labor Day.

Mike opens the scale hatch displaying a very neat radio installation.
The cockpit is scale down to the rudder pedals and throttle levers.

Ok, this is what it's all about. A real five cylinder radial!
The Balsa USA Stearman features functional rigging to keep the wings on,

At the Dayton Ohio Giant Scale event this year Mike Barbee unveiled his latest masterpiece, a Balsa USA Stearman. I have owned and flown one of these for over ten years now and was thrilled to see Mikes great rendition of this classic biplane.

Mike's plane is made from a kit by Balsa USA. The plane is constructed from balsa, plywood, fiberglass and metal. Mike chose Stits for the covering. The Stearman weighs 52lbs and has 118" wingspan. The kit features functional flying and landing wires, scale gear with suspension, cockpit gauges and leaf sprung tail wheel.

One striking feature of Mike's Stearman is the 215cc gas four cycle, five cylinder radial! You have to hear this engine. The one I have heard flying was amazing and sounded very much like a real radial going overhead. The radial will swing a 32/10 at 5000 rpm and idle at 700.

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