Report and Video by Paul Grubich
Photos by Paul Grubich, Lloyd Swanson, Starla Byrum.

The Cedar Rapids SkyHawks held their annual rcwarbird fly-in Saturday, July 15 2006. Many spectators and pilots braved the almost 100 degree weather to watch and fly some great rcwarbirds.

The weather was a hot 97 degrees with light breezes for the SkyHawks annual warbird fun fly.

Wendell Maakestad presents Jeff Quesenberry with "Best of Show" for his 90 pound Corsair. Photo by Paul Grubich.

Jeff Quesenberry poses with his "Best of Show" Corsair. Jeff's Corsair has 152 inch wingspan, weighs 90 pounds and uses a Husqvarna 240 twin for power. Jeff put in several memorable flights during the event. More on Jeff's Corsair here. Photo by Paul Grubich.

Jim Stickley gets ready to fly his great looking Tiger Moth. Photo by Paul Grubich

Todd Davis with his Mosqutio bomber. Todd's Mosquito has a 73" wingspan and weighs 13 lbs. Kit is by CMP and Todd uses twin OS .46's for power. Photo by Paul Grubich

Todd unfortunatly flipped his Mosquito bomber in a strong cross wind take off. Todd says it will be repaired. Photos by Rob Davis

Rich Dean with his Great Planes Spitfire. Rich uses an OS .46 for power and Monocote for covering. His Spit comes in at 6 lbs. and has a 57" wingspan. Photo by Paul Grubich.

Todd Davis and Rich Dean pose with their WWI warbirds. Photo by Paul Grubich

Rich Cronk from Ames Iowa works on his KMP P-38. 83 inch wingspan, 16lbs and two OS 70 four cycle engines. Photo by Paul Grubich

Todd Davis shows his CMP F6F Hellcat. Todd uses a Saito 120 for power on this 11 pound 70 inch wingspan rcwarbird. Photo by Paul Grubich

Jack Morgan with his scratch built T-38. Jack used balsa construction with Ultra Coat covering on this 9 pound rcwarbird. An OS .61 flies it. Photo by Paul Grubich

Wendell Maakestad from Cedar Rapids Iowa warms up his American Eagle B-17. 40lbs, 10ft wingspan, Century Jet retracts, Saito 65's for power and bomb drop. Photo by Paul Grubich

Dwayne Fosseen from Radcliffe Iowa makes a beautiful low pass with his Don Smith B-29. Dwayne uses four Saito 91's in this 40lb, 12 foot wingspan bomber. Photo by Lloyd Swanson

Dwayne Fosseen drops a Big Boy bomb from his Don Smith B-29.
Photo by Lloyd Swanson

Jeff Quesenberry's 90 pound Corsair looks as real as it gets while taking off for another mission.
Photo by Starla Byrum

Jeff Quesenberry's Yellow Spitfire comes in for a wheel landing after another mission. Photo by Lloyd Swanson

Wendell Maakestad's Spitfire comes in for a landing on the SkyHawks petromat runway.. Photo by Lloyd Swanson

Rich Cronk from brings his KMP P-38 in for a low strafing run. Photo by Starla Byrum

Wendell Maakestad landing his American Eagle B-17 on one wheel. Photo by Rob Davis

Todd Davis banks his Albatross for a photo pass. Photo by Rob Davis

Rich Dean re-creates a scale cross wind landing with his Sopwith. Photo by Rob Davis

Todd Davis sets up for another smooth landing with his CMP Hellcat. Photo by Rob Davis

Jeff Quesenberry poses by his magnificent 90 pound Corsair. Jeff made several memorable flights showing the power and grace of this large rc aircraft. Photo by Starla Byrum



SkyHawks Warbird Event


Jeff Quesenberry flies and talks about his Corsair


Wendell Maakestad flies and talks about his B-17


Dwayne Fosseen flies and talks about his B-29.

Special thanks to Starla Byrum and Lloyd Swanson for their beautiful photography


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