First Flight of the New VQ A-26


Paul of Rcwarbirds is a slave driver…Sorry Paul, you are killing me! I want to sit around and modify my air force…some people call this maintenance and get a email from Paul here at that one of our advertisers, VQ Models wants someone to test fly their new K model A-26. The same one I did the build review on two years ago. He got me in touch with Dung Phan of VQ Models,,,,,(Just so happens is also located here in Houston) to go take a look at the new K model of their popular arf kit of the A-26.

Around two years ago, I did the build and review on the original for our review section at The flight characteristics were good for a warbird and even did the manual engine out trick with little problem. No, I do not own the new plane, but Dung of VQ asked me to test fly it...Over cast...10 to13 MPH wind, but straight down the runway.........Sure, not my bet!!......Did I mention that I chickened out yesterday with the same wind in my face?
He built it with two ST 51's and three blade props. The K model seems to have been more of a gun ship, but am not totally up to date on all upgrades. VQ did put in the 8 machine guns in the nose and two more in a lower nacelle. The WOW factor of the additional wing tanks, I thought made it look MUCH better and meaner. Guess what...THOSE TANKS ARE GREAT!!! Many times I have added wing plates of dams on the end of the wing for more lift on sport planes.......GUESS WHAT...These things do the same thing!! The wing loading at least "Felt" MUCH lighter and made the plane far more agile in the air. One click down was all that was needed. (Dung of VQ does a nice job of building) and I noticed it really climbed. First flight was limited to only rolls and a good landing in the head wind. The big surprise is it FLOATS upon landing now. Had to go around first landing attempt as it floated right on past. I guess I should admit that I typically land fast for safety. The second flight involved horizontal figure eights, loops and inverted flight...Needs a lot of down on that one! Second flight I landed into the now blowing wind a bit down the runway and did not want to go off the concrete, so as it rolled I gave it up elevator to slow it down...Guess what..It lifted off!!!! Panic time…one does not firewall the idling engines in a near stall. Stopped breathing, did that pilot stuff, and it settled back down in one piece!!
Note, all this was done with the landing gear down...forgot the compressor!! Hey, give me a break...I was excited...not my plane,,free flight offer..high wind...Life is good!!,,,,,,,, Yes, Paul, I know get the story in and quit playing!!
My two cents, the first version was good, this is fun!!! The first version, I have been asked if it is a trainer, and I said no, but I may rethink this version. I think I will brace up the horizontal stabilizer if I keep up the aerobatics!!!........And that IS going to happen. One other good thing,,if you own a suburban, no need to disassemble for transportation.

The original plane I did for the original review, here at RCWARBIRDS was white,,,not the best color in my opinion.

The wing tanks do it for me!! Meaner looks

VQ has added eight guns in the nose and more art work.

Guns also stick out from below in the new version.

While, personally I liked the wow factor of the new wing tanks, they actually made the plane easier to fly due to additional lift. It actually floated in!!

At the risk of sounding like a nag…yes, always do the vertical test!!!.

Happy Multi-engine flying..


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