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Well, she finally arrived, along with the retracts (retracts are bought separately). Since I did the VQ P-38 construction article, Twinman suggested I do the build article. The good news is that he promised me twice the salary that I got on doing the P-38 article! I just got a new laptop so hopefully all goes well and everything is loaded as planned.

She arrived in two boxes (one on Monday and the other today). After Monday, I had visions of a lost box, never to be seen again, but it finally arrived.

They came with no additional packing on the outside but everything is well packed and secure inside and all arrived in good order. The smaller box has only the center fuse and canopies. The other box has the rest of the goodies

The retracts were ordered from Mike (VQ) and are Spring Air. The retracts do not come with struts but the struts are included in the P-61 ARF.

The first package has the manual and decals (really stick ons).

The next package has the struts and guns. The struts look very sturdy.

Next are the two booms.
Some people call it shelf paper but I like it: lots of detail and it doesn't wrinkle in the sun.
Real nice gear doors.

Inside top view.

This picture shows the gear doors.

Next out of the box are the cowls. Nice heavy duty fiberglass.
As you can see, the OS FX .91's won't have to be sticking out to kill the scale look.

Here are the cowls and nose cover along with my engines.
I'm using J-tec's JT-903MX where the exhaust slants back 45 degree's so little will be showing on the inverted engine.
Those small fuel tanks have to go: they'll only give me about 5 minutes on those .91's!

The business end of the boom: plenty sturdy.

Next out of the box are the rudders (hinges included). Very light.
Construction of the rudders are all wood (the entire ARF is all wood).
Don't know what those white things are (drop tanks?) but there are about 6 of them(hmmm; room for my fuel!).

All the hardware came out next:
engine mounts.
1" aluminum tubes for the wings.
More machine guns(!!!)
nuts and bolts packages.
Real nice gear door hinges.
Gear wires (pitch!).
No wheels but I believe it's 3" for the nose and 3.5" for the mains.

Next was the center wing (top view). With flaps (as does the outer wings). No weathering like on the P-38.

Center wing (bottom view). 2 access hatches for the flaps.

Next is the horizontal stab. Very light(built up). pre-hinged.

The outer wings are last. The bottom one is the top view (you can see the spoilers: cool). also flaps and ailerons. The top one shows the bottom view.

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