Construction Bob Sealy's ME 323

Page 3 - All pictures and captions by Bob Sealy

pictures load slowly please be patient

Here is a picture of the tail surfaces, fin/rudder and stab/elevator. These are foam core construction with 1/16 balsa adhered to the foam using a very thin laminating epoxy. The entire assembly is then placed in a vacuum bag for 10 to 12 hours while the epoxy cures. This ensures an excellent bond between the foam and balsa. You can see some lines on the stab. This is where I intend to scrollsaw out some lightening cavities.

Here is a picture of the stabs after they are cut away from the elevator. The lightening cavities have also been cut away. This saved several ounces in the tail surfaces.

Here is a picture of the completed tail surfaces. Strong, yet very light, and despite what you might think, builds quite fast. There are also some lightening cavities in the stab and fin.


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