Construction Bob Sealy's ME 323

Page 6 - All pictures and captions by Bob Sealy

Here is the final finished shot of my pride and joy. As of this time, the plane has had four flights. Each lasting about 8 to 9 minutes, with motor capacity still remaining after landing. Takeoffs and landings are as to be expected from a big powered glider. Everything is slow, smooth, and very graceful. I have yet to get any digital pictures of it in flight. I will forward these as soon as available. I would wish to thank everyone who gave their moral support throughout this project. Next project, a powered version of the Gotha 242, called the Go 244. This was a twin engines troop glider of much smaller size than the Gigant. Again, thanks to all fellow modelers for their help, and a special thanks to Oscar for his confidence that this thing would fly.


An overhead shot of the finished project. Finished flying weight came out at 15 1/2 pounds, or a 1/2 pound over the target weight. Still not bad for a 15 foot span airplane.


Here is a head on shot showing the finished ship. The three props on the left wing rotate clockwise, while the three on the right wing turn the opposite direction. Tractor props are installed on the left wing, pusher props on the right. This cancels all prop torque, and make ground handling very easy with rudder only for steering. To simplify, take an electric motor, reverse the polarity to the motor, and install a pusher prop. Thrust still goes towards the rear, but the prop is rotating opposite of normal.

I would like to congratulate Bob on this tremendous project and thank him for his time and effort to bring this project to RC Warbirds.


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