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RCWarbirds FAQ's

Q:Why did you change the look of
A:First the site has had the same look for many years and it was time for a refreshed look. Second I wanted the site to be easier to use with less scrolling and a more logical layout.

Q:What changed on
A:First I brought a more consitant look to the site with a uniform layout for every page. I reorganized the aircraft gallery grouping planes by type and make and also reorganized the Advisor's pages making one central location where you can get to every Advisor and all of the their pages. The Video pages has also been re-laidout to make it easier to view each of the videos and some new videos have been added. I changed the type and size of the font to make the site a little easier to read and cut out extra space from each of the pages to reduce the amount of vertical scrolling by about 25%.

Q:Why are you asking visitors to donate to
A:I have begun asking for donations to help offset some of the costs associated with running this site. Additonally I would like to start providing more in depth reviews of popular products and these donations will help pay for those products so that we can bring you an unbiased perspective of those products. It will also help fund other features that I hope to bring to the site in the future.

Q:What is
A:RC Warbirds is a web site dedicated to the builders, flyers, and owners of radio controlled Warbirds from eras. Our main purpose is displaying radio controlled model Warbird pictures and information.

Q:Why an R/C Warbird site?
A:We felt there was a need for such a site. There are hundreds of thousands of radio control enthusiast around our world and many of them build and fly model Warbirds. With this much interest a central site to show off their work and events was a natural.

Q:Who owns is owned by Michael Kramer and is operated under the WingSpan Models LLC umbrella. The site was started in 1999 and sold in March 2007.

Q:What are the future goals of this site?
A:Our main goal is to have a picture of every type of Warbird and every type of kit for that Warbird so you can come here and see what the finished plane looks like and get an idea of what others are using to construct that kit and what engine and materials they used.

We would like to have enough pictures to have a section for each plane (Spitfire, Mustang, etc.) and have several examples in each section. This will take some time but we are well on our way.

We also want to have several R/C Warbird events covered each year and put all these events in one section so you can go there and see that event and see the field and the planes that attended. I also hope to have maps for each event to help you get there. RCWarbirds would also like to host a Warbird event in the near future

Q:What is the RCWarbirds Forums?
A:The RCWarbirds forum is a message where you can ask questions or just exchange ideas with other modelers with R/C Warbird interest.

Q:How can I get my Warbird picture on this site?
A:Very easy, just follow these guidelines:
1. We want one picture with you by your Warbird. This gives your Warbird a personal touch and shows the world who owns and flies that beauty.
2. Another picture of the Warbird in close for detail and maybe a close up of your cockpit or other interesting item.
3. Provide documentation. We need to know who you are, and where you are located (just a city will do). Also give us the facts about your Warbird such as weight, wingspan, engine, covering, et. This information lets us put a caption to your photo so we can can learn what flyers around the country are using and building.
4. Your photos should be sharp and taken in good light. They should be able to be enlarged with out degradation. Your plane should always be in 3/4 view(angled so we can see more of it, a front or side view will not give us all the details). A plain background like grass or sky is preferred; don't put your plane in front of tents, fences, etc.
5. Please send very small photos at first so we can choose what we would like you to send in a larger format.
6. Because of space limitations I can only use pictures of prop driven Warbirds from the 30's and forward. Also the plane should be an r/c model of a fighting aircraft or bomber.



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