As RC Warbirds gets larger and more complex a place for older features, articles, and other assorted items was needed. This is the place to find out what you missed or where that page on Toledo went.

Bob Sealy has sent in another picture with text on his six motor electric German troop plane. Bob is a master with fiberglass so don't miss this continuing project. See the projects section for the complete series.

For updated Pictures of my B-17 flying click HERE.

Bob Sealy of Quality Fiberglass and maker of those great kits from American Eagle Model Aircraft out of New Orleans has some great pictures of some of the best warbirds on display at Toledo. Click HERE

B-29 LOST:
Mac Hodges B-29 was lost at the Joe Nall fly-in recently. Mac is a great flyer and a showman and his B-29, X-1 act was the best. We are sorry to see this great bird go and will miss it this year. To see this fantastic bomber go to our Bomber pages. Be sure to click on Mac's picture for more pics of this plane in action. I have put a pic of the crash up but have mixed feelings about putting up crash pictures. Please contact me with your thoughts on this for future additions.

Carl Bachhuber has given his very large and impressive Mohawk a great new paint job. Go here to check it out.

RC Warbirds has some of the first pictures of Mike Barbee's newly completed Balsa USA Stearman. Mike brought the Stearman to the Dayton show for it's first showing and it is a beauty. Go here for this exclusive.

Felipe Rabat brings us the Warbirds of Aeromodelos de Panamá (better known as AMPA), an R/C club that flies in the Calzada Larga airport on the outskirts of the City of Panama. For more info check here .

P-51 H Restoration Project

Norm Meyers from the Octave Chanute Aerospace Museum of Rantoul Illinois is asking for our help in launching a new project and website to generate traffic and funding to restore a P-51H-5-NA Mustang that has been a display there for many years. As one of only five 'H' models left in the world, they want to bring this plane back to her full glory.

The plane is in dire need of renovation and restoration, but as a non-profit museum, OCAM simply cannot provide the funding to invest in this one aircraft. For this funding, they are turning to Mustang enthusiasts across the web for help. If you want to know more about this project or donate to this restoration please go to their website here.

VQ P-38 ARF:
VQ preview by Twinman shows the kit before release to the public here.
VQ flight report by Twinman here.
VQ vs KMP P-38 kits shows a comparison between the two arfs here.
VQ P-38 arf flight pictures here.


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