Twinman (George Lumpkin) takes a first look at the first arf P-38

Once again our website manager, Paul Grubich, has sent out one of his loyal troops to survey the state of Warbirds Products. ( It was a strain, but I was up to the task.....Can you say drool) I traveled to get a look at the much anticipated P-38 arf by VQ models.
General specs to date.
Weight....As you see it here, without covering, it weighs 7.5 pounds.
Length.... 58" long
Wing Span.....83"
Suggested Engines....40/46 two stroke and 60/70 four stroke ( Though larger will fit)
Price... As of this time, suggested selling price has not be established.
Costruction......Built up ply, and balsa. No foam.
Servos Required.......12......Not a trainer!!!

Interesting Facts About The Kit

1. A built in type of operating fowler flap system. Note enclosed pictures. The plane has the scale four flap system.
2. Final color scheme is not yet fixed although white (per one that served in Japan) is being considered, aluminum, army drab, and the possibility that an unfinished unit could be offered for those special or personal covering.
(Can anyone say the "Yippie" red one!!)
3. There are plans to use the Spring Air retracts as optional equipment.
4. As most engines will be inverted, there are plans for optional onboard glow systems. Very important for reliability.
5. Note the pictures for the working fowler flap system.
6. Three aluminum wing tubes for wing installation. Note, the wing tips come off for transportation.
7. Real plywood engine firewalls with triangle stock for reinforcement.
8. Realistic landing gear doors. Will automatically retract to the closed position.

Frontal view of the gun end of the nose. Due to potential damage, nose guns or cannon are standard equipment, but not installed.

Underside view showing the four flaps in the stored position. The landing gear doors are shown, but not yet installed. The location for the radio antenna is marked, under the nose, but not installed as it will be damaged in transportation. No, the yellow spinners and are not for production, only for the prototype.

As measured 58" long

As measured 83" wing span

Note the attention to detail of the wash out and curved up wing tips.

Close up of the nose detail that will allow the scale modeler to install the cannon and guns.

Front view of the engine nacelle. Forget about the yellow spinner!!!

Note the attention to detail of the skid below the rudder

Wing panel. Note the pre-installed servo boxes and generous ailerons. The inner box is the access to the fowler flap linkage.

This is the wing panel sliding into the nacelle. Note three aluminum wing tubes to support the wing. The small wire is the flap push rod.


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