Dayton Ohio Giant Scale Event 2000


 The Dayton Ohio Giant Scalers or DOGS for short, put on one fine event. I attended with my wife Deb and we had a great time. The field was in a back area of the Wright Patterson Air Force Museum and allowed plenty of room for whatever size plane you desired to fly.

There was a mix of models with 3D aircraft dominating this years event. There were plenty of warbirds and some great flying of both types by some of the best RC pilots around.

The Air Force museum is more than awesome! We were allowed an after hours jaunt through it's maze of warbirds and then treated with an IMAX movie called "Storm Chasers". If you have never been to this museum before and you love warbirds, GO!

For you WWI guys this upcoming event is a must attend! On the weekend of Sept. 29 through Oct. 1 there will be a WWI full scale fly in on the front lawn of the Wright Patterson Museum. Full size planes and RC models will fly at designated times during the day. For more information go to Here.


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